Learn About Our Holistic Plant Health

Care Program

Most people think of tree care as just pruning and throwing on some chemicals. At Treecology, we take a whole tree approach and have developed our Holistic Plant Health Care Program with help from our mentors at the Japanese Garden. Our approach incorporates pruning, but also takes care of the parts of the tree we don’t see … the roots and soil. In fact we diagnose our clients’ trees in the context of their yard, looking at the various stresses and competitions that are going on and making sure all of the trees and plants are playing well together.

There are many situations that can be corrected when the entire context of the yard is considered. This approach applies to plant pathogens, pests, and other non-biological problems. Trees and shrubs need the correct combination of space, light, air, water, soil conditions, and friendly neighbors. When the basic causes of a particular problem are treated, we can lesson the dependence on repeated applications of chemicals that are essentially designed to treat symptoms.

In almost every yard we go into, we find a major tree health problem – compacted soil. Compacted soil doesn’t allow air and water to go down through the soil. Water stays on top of the soil which leads to shallow, unhealthy root systems. In uncompacted soil, the water flows through the spaces in the soil, and roots follow it down deep so we get a healthier root system and a happier tree.

To decompact soil, we don’t break out the roto-tiller as that will kill the roots we’re trying to make healthier. We want a gentler, more natural approach. At Treecology, we use a pneumatic tool to loosen soil and incorporate air with virtually no damage to root systems. We then “till in” rich compost to increase the availability of nutrients for those roots. Healthy root growth is going to keep your trees happy without the use of chemicals. We can also use this tool during construction projects, to help builders avoid damaging large roots while excavating.

Getting a better idea of what is going on in your yard can help you make informed tree health decisions that often remove the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers that only treat the symptoms. Talk to us about Holistic Plant Health Care. We’ll meet you for an initial analysis of your landscape and develop individualized written recommendations to fix any problems. Learning how to improve the health and beauty of your yard is well worth this small investment. We’ll follow up with you as needed, and we can also recommend other professionals who can give you a hand. To learn more or to schedule an initial assessment of your plant health, call us at 503-804-7868 or contact us via email.