Meet The Owner of Treecology, Inc.

Damon Schrosk

Damon Schrosk graduated from the University of California in San Diego in 1994 with a degree in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution and a minor in Photography. After a career in wildlife and habitat biology that took him from the desert southwest to the North Slope of Alaska, he became a wetland delineator and worked as a consultant, delineating, designing mitigation projects and monitoring projects. The monitoring of the projects identified a need in the installation and maintenance of them, one that came from years of education and experience in working in and with natural plant communities. This was combined with a resurgence in the desire of caring for trees that stemmed back from his youth working with his dad on bonsai and walks through the woods with his grandfather.

Damon has continued his education through CEU’s and personal research in the areas of arboricultural industry standard practices, tree biology, soil compaction and roots, tree protection measures, structural soils, soil bioengineering, sidewalk solutions, tree pathology, wetland delineation, native plants, and tree appraisal.

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