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Project of the Month

We have so many outstanding clients with so many outstanding trees that it seemed necessary to highlight some of the projects that we’ve had the privilege of being involved with. Some of the most interesting are not necessarily the biggest, although the bigger ones can get pretty interesting. Included in each project description is an account of the client goals, any challenges we encountered and a picture or two. So, here’s to you and your trees!

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December 2007

The team

Client: Colton Middle Schools
Location: Colton


Several years ago, the athletic fields were installed at the Colton Middle School so that Colton Youth Sports could have a location to play soccer, baseball and softball. One of the items missing from the plan was a tree. Shade of any kind is lacking and the sun does beat down on the fans waiting for snacks and ice cold drinks.

While December is not the time to be thinking of shade, it is the perfect time to be thinking of planting shade trees. Middle School science teacher Kevin Stansfield usually thinks of planting trees at this time of the year. Over the years, he has had his classes planting hundreds of trees to restore the forest around the creek that runs through the Middle School property. Maybe he’s getting a little near sighted (for the vast expanse of the ball fields is much closer to the buildings than the creek), or just a little hot during baseball games. In any event, he approached Treecology to help with Project Shade Tree.

For the kids.

We picked the last day of school to work the kids in his biology class into a tree planting frenzy seeing as how there was going to be a frenzy of one sort or another on the last day before winter break. Kevin obtained a 12’ tall red oak from a local nursery and brought it to the site. Treecology volunteers Morgan Mitchell, Clay Taylor and owner Damon Schrosk brought shovels, mycorrhizae, mulch and assorted other tree planting goodies to the ball fields where we talked to the kids about why we plant trees for future generations, how a tree is properly stuck in the hole and what a new tree needs to survive.

Then we selected the planting location, armed the kids with shovels and let them go to town. Unfortunately the ground was a little frozen and the pros had to step in to get things started. The hole was prepared, roots splayed out in it, soil packed around the root ball and finally the tree was fertilized, staked and mulched.

The kids went back to their classroom, a little wiser, a little muddier, and a lot closer to winter break. As for the Treecology crew, they took a powder day and headed for the hills.