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Stone Creek Golf Course

Stone Creek Golf Course

Treecology has been working with Stone Creek Golf Course for the past 3 years pruning and removing trees on the course. The focus of the work is hazard reduction and improving light penetration to delicate greens and fairways. Also, we are working to create wildlife habitat in some of the dead or dying trees while reducing the risk associated with them. We have installed an osprey nest platform adjacent to what Superintendent Dave Phipps says is a pretty good fishing hole. We also created a snag from a Douglas fir that recently died, reducing the failure potential, while keeping it around for wildlife use.

Glade Weedman


Travis Weedman and Ariel Glade are designers with an eye for form and flow. As a wedding present they received a gift certificate from another Treecology client or a consultation on the trees at their new house. Damon was able to help them to decide on which trees to remove, how open up the yard and how to preserve a very large Bloodgood Japanese maple. We worked with them to create a work plan that could fit into their tight budget (as a result of their newly hatched design business, Compressed Pattern.



Noho Marchesi, owner of Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe on SE Clinton St. in Portland was referred to us by Mary Richhart of Moonlight Gardens to assess a very large grand fir that was damaged by a fire that destroyed the residence several years ago. It had been pruned several times to remove branches that kept dying year after year. The tree was in an obvious state of decline, probably due to damage inflicted by the house fire. It was decided to remove the tree rather than keep spending large sums of money that another tree service was charging them to prune it each year. It took our largest saw with a 3 foot bar at 40’ to cut rounds which were dropped at the foot of the tree, an area that would be later impacted by the stump grinding.